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Sing with us!

Thank you for your interest in auditioning for the Kansas City Chorale.  Please read the following prerequisites and information before completing the application.  The Kansas City Chorale is a GRAMMY® Award-winning professional choir and recording ensemble. Those interested in auditioning must:

  • Be 18 years old or older

  • Have classical vocal training and singing experience

  • Be able to commit to weekly 3-hour-long rehearsals (typically Sunday evenings) in Kansas City for up to 32 weeks of the year and 10+ live concerts per season, along with periodic album recording sessions

Audition & Singer Information

Singers are hired as independent contractors on an annual basis and are compensated based on a confidential pay schedule depending upon excellence in vocal quality, musicianship, commitment, and teamwork.  Season performances, touring performances, and recording sessions are all paid per occurence and rehearsals are paid at an hourly rate.  All expenses for touring performances will be borne by the Chorale.

The Kansas City Chorale has an award-winning collection of albums spanning many musical genres including classical music, jazz, world music, and spirituals.  These albums have been recognized with 6 GRAMMY® awards along with 16 GRAMMY® nominations.  Under Charles Bruffy’s leadership, the choir has garnered international recognition for artistic merit, having been praised for its refined sound, phrasing, and flawless intonation. 

Due to the nature of this aesthetic and the demands of the ensemble, our expectations are that prospective singers should:

  • Be kind, supportive, and lead by example

  • Have a high quality of singing (tone, pitch, expression, and precision)

  • Be well-suited for solo performance in addition to being an ensemble member who has exceptional vocal control

  • Be fully prepared for every rehearsal and performance

  • Be well-trained in technique, sight-reading skills, language/diction skills, interpretive skills, stage presence, and artistic sensitivity

A one-page resume and a screening recording, either audio or video, are required as part of your application.  The screening recording should be an art songs or arias. Some but not all applicants will be invited to a live audition in Kansas City.

Application Deadline: June 15, 2024

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